We’ve won an award for our Intranet

You’ll forgive a bit of self publicity but we have been announced as a winner of the Global Step Two Intranet & Digital Workplace awards.

Taking a silver award for our Intranet called Pocketbook.  The team are very proud.

Officers and staff at a desk sorting cards
Intranet Card Sorting

Feedback from the judges below:

“It is very clear from the description that this intranet has made a big difference and helped the users in their work. I think the task based solution has been a very good approach for this type of organization and I also like the idea of simplifying things and being strict with the content that can often get a bit too much in intranets.”

“l like the attention to the needs of users in real-world, often mobile situations. Mobile has clearly driven not just the user interface but also the content strategy, something that is rarely carried through well. The Minimum Viable Product/agile approach is increasingly common in the private sector, but it is still unusual to hear it working so well in the public sector.”

Step Two Digital Workplace Silver Award logoSilver winners:

The winners across multiple categories:

  • Australian Dept of Human Services (Australia) A modest but inspired innovation which automatically checks for formatting errors on draft intranet pages.
  • Avon and Somerset Constabulary (UK) A new intranet for a UK-based police force improving processes for call handlers, those changing shifts and police on the beat.
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Australia) Innovative development of a global intranet with fresh thinking and approaches to the RFP process, organisation of content and more.
  • Mando Agency (UK) A highly inventive combination of a chatbot, gamification and a fridge full of drinks to ensure agency staff complete their timesheets
  • PANDORA (Denmark) Exciting roll-out of a global intranet with a highly engaging and energetic launch process.
  • Queensland Territory (Australia) Imaginative use of the intranet to launch an innovative new branded IT support service to enable a move to new premises
  • Scottish Natural Heritage (UK) A Drupal-based intranet moving towards a digital workplace with an integrated Kanban board.
  • Shire (USA) A large global intranet launch with firm governance established including very good use of site templates to keep costs down.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific (USA) Another strong global intranet roll-out with great Yammer integration and impressive adoption levels.

We have some blog posts covering how we did it and have been having inquiries from other forces over the last year interested in our approach.

How we used Agile for content management to deliver a successful staff intranet

The Power of Giving Users a Sense of Ownership

Building the next generation of Police online forms

Forms are the lifeblood of our digital service to the public.  They allow citizens to interact with us, either giving us or requesting information, often of a sensitive nature.

We are building  our next generation service that is cloud-based to give us the opportunity to deliver a better service to the public whilst harnessing large scale process improvement opportunities within the organisation.

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2016 – Our year review

2016 means our website has hit its third birthday in January 2017.

During 2016 the development team were busy improving some police facing systems, including building our new intranet, but they also spent a good amount of time on the website improving the platform by refining existing functionality (known as refactoring), improving performance and adding new functionality.  The content team also worked on a number of areas to improve the public experience.

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How we halved the time to process on-line crime reports and are on track to halve our FOI requests

So we have been quiet with blog posts for a while. Sorry about that.

Things have been super busy and we have been working hard to deliver a range of improvements to the platform. As ever we are using our Agile approach to focus on the biggest value we can deliver in each two-week cycle.

We have been working with teams across the force to prioritise features and enhancements that will improve their workflow through digitisation of services, whilst improving the service to the public.

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